Friday, December 21, 2018

Giasone e il vello di bronzo - Balletto di balzi, passi e salti - Ottavio Castellini

Ottavio Castellini has published a new 122 pages book dedicated this time to triple jump. According to the autor "it's a collage to explain what we call triple jump". It includes an historial revisitation, with pieces in different languages, many photos and an statistical part (from Enzo Sabbadin and Enzo Rivis) with Italian all-time lists over 16.20.

Price is 25€, postage included. 
Requests to:
Ottavio Castellini
Via Mons. Giacomo Tavernini, 35
25084 Navazzo di Gargnano

You can access the website of the author HERE

Friday, December 7, 2018

European Athletics Cross Country Championships - Tilburg - 09.12.18

Singapore Marathon - 09.12.18

Guangzhou Marathon - 09.12.18

Saitama International Marathon - 09.12.18

Abu Dhabi Marathon - 07.12.18

Nittai University Time Trials - Yokohama - 01/02.12.18